As Registered Auditors we provide many levels of services including reviews, compilations and agreed upon services. We assist clients in adhering to regulatory requirements as part of our wide range of attest and attest-related services.

Our transparent and consistent approach enable us to build confidence and trust with our clients as they rely on us to assist them to manage their operations with integrity and report accordingly within the current regulatory environment.

We assist you with identifying which standards, practices, laws, rules and regulations are applicable to your entity. Policies can be designed to ensure compliance, as well as regular reviews to ensure compliance is maintained and illustration to external auditors where relevant.

With the new Companies Act taking effect, many entities no longer require a compulsory audit. We can perform the new ‘Independent Review’.

Assurance & other Services

  • Independent Reviews
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Internal auditing services
  • Special purpose audit reports